There’s been a lot of excitement in the Superlative Recruitment office of late. After a fantastic first half of 2015, the team have just returned from their first ever international team trip to the vibrant city of New York.

On the 25th of May the Superlative Recruitment team touched down in New York City to begin an exciting week of networking and sightseeing. Ever since landing a major international client in the city back in March, Superlative Recruitment has been eager to visit New York as a team so that they can forge a stronger relationship with their newly acquired client. As well as meeting with their existing client base the agency are also met up with potential future clients. Superlative Recruitment were incredibly excited by this unique opportunity to meet with major US businesses face to face and talk at length about their full range of recruitment advertising services. Through these meetings Superlative Recruitment could dramatically increase their presence in the New York market and build up a strong reputation among major players within the city’s bustling business community.

Also on Superlative Recruitment’s agenda was a selection of meetings with representatives from some of America’s leading job boards. These meetings were key to the agency’s success in the city allowed Superlative Recruitment to discuss and negotiate global media packages at length with experts in the industry. Superlative Recruitment also managed to squeeze in some recruitment training with some of their client’s top recruiters and administrators. Recruitment training is a brand new service which provides their clients with the opportunity to sit down with the agency and get advice and guidance on how to best advertise and fill vacant positions. After holding the first successful training session in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, Superlative Recruitment’s Kristen Montalvo was thrilled to be able to bring the new service to their New York clients to help them boost their recruitment pipelines.

Despite these core engagements, the Superlative Recruitment team made sure they made the most of their time in New York and took part in wide range of fun activities throughout the week. As well as visiting some of the city’s most iconic landmarks such as the statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, the Superlative Recruitment team also attended their first ever New York Yankees game and paid a visit to the Bronx Zoo, the world’s largest Metropolitan zoo. As well as offering the team a chance to fully immerse themselves in New York culture and soak up the atmosphere of the city, Managing Director Kristen Montalvo believes it’s important on international trips to strike up a positive work / life balance. As an entrepreneur and a mother, Kristen Montalvo knows just how tricky it can be to balance work life and home life, and was extremely pleased that she was able to bring her children along on the New York Trip, to share the experiences with her and the superlative recruitment team.