On Saturday, October 28th Superlative Recruitment hosted 12 recruiters and directors at the DoubleTree by Hilton West End for a full day of recruitment information, relationship building, and networking.

Superlative Recruitment arranged an impressive array of speakers, who included award-winning recruiters Kristen O’Connell and Linzi Crawford plus industry experts Sarah Kilgallon, Steph Green, and Lilyana Kostadinova. These professionals boast five to eight years industry experience working alongside Superlative and other respected firms in the sales and marketing industry.

The company was also privileged to be joined by Ben Chai; author, entrepreneur, public speaking coach and social media expert, who, last month, gained over 65,000 likes on his Facebook posts.

Attendees benefitted greatly from the workshops covering aspects on

  • how to create a connection with anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • how to create an engaging social media presence
  • What really motivates people to buy and connect and how to tailor this knowledge to every person you connect with
  • How to dramatically increase your connection and conversion rates
  • Bad and unauthentic conversations and how to correct them
  • How to transform everything negative about you into your own value-added superpower
  • How to recognise the quality and loyalty of people you connect with.
  • Causes of inefficiency and how to trick your psyche into helping you become more effective.

Directors and recruiters that began their careers in the sales and marketing industry found the sessions particularly beneficial because they could immediately relate familiar concepts from a sales perspective relate to recruitment and so create a dynamic action plan on the day that many have already begun to implement.

According to the anonymous survey, the participants filled out the Superlative Recruitment team of coaches received a 100 percent satisfaction rate from their attendees with feedback like:

  • “I learnt a lot of skills and things to improve on.”
  • “It helped me greatly to cover all bases.”
  • “It was fun and very informative!”

If you would like an interview with Kristen and find out more about her innovative strategies to revolutionise the recruitment industry please email or call…..