With summer now past, young people up and down the country are beginning to take their first steps into the working world after university.


Millennials are often not given the credit they deserve and many businesses are guilty of dismissing them due to their lack of experience. However we at Superlative Recruitment believe that millennials are quite possibly the most exciting workforce currently in the UK. Having grown up in a transformative world where technology and consumer trends have been constantly shifting and adapting, millennials are ideal candidates for businesses looking to up their innovation and inject a little creativity into proceedings . Millennials also have a strong sense of who they are and where they want to go, an unbridled passion for development and, for those fresh out of university, a winning ability to manage their time and work to a tight deadline.

So, how can you attract millennial candidates to your business? Well, we believe the answer lies in your company culture. Ultimately millennials have two core requirements when seeking employment. Firstly they want to work for a company which shares their values and identity, and secondly, they want a role with purpose; where they are given the freedom to thrive. With many millennials having grown up seeing their parents moan about their jobs or working every hour of the day in an unrewarding environment, millennials want more from their workplace and a company’s culture has become a hugely influential factor when deciding whether or not they want to work for a particular business. So if you want to make the most of millennials, here are some things you may want to work in to your company’s culture.

Approachable leaders

Millennials don’t want distant, corporate leaders, they want leaders who are human and approachable and whom they can speak frankly with at times. The role of a leader is to inspire those within their team and the best way to do this is through building connections, not barking orders from an executive office.


Think back to your first job, how did you feel at the beginning? Nervous? A little lost? Entering into the working world is still as daunting as ever and unless there is a culture of inclusion and support, millennial workers are unlikely to stick around for very long. Whilst the majority of millennials are fiercely independent, they also appreciate mentorship and thrive when given the opportunity to learn and develop their skills set. Make sure your business is built around a culture of support and that everyone understands the power of offering a helping hand.


The world of business is often portrayed as a cutthroat environment, where competitive professionals would willingly sell their own grandmother if it meant they could to get ahead. However, the millennial workforce is not interested in this dog eat dog mentality. Millennials are motivated by workplace friendships and would rather work with their colleagues than against them. A collaborative workplace can not only spark greater innovation, it can also close generation gaps and help a business become a tight knit unit.