As a business owner, you’ve probably invest a lot of time, energy and passion into creating a brand which resonates with your target consumers. Meaningful, effective branding is more important than ever right now, with the economy stabilising and the market becoming oversaturated for many businesses, branding is the secret weapon in the quest for customer attention. However as well as developing a strong brand for consumers businesses must also focus their attention on creating an attractive employer brand or they may find themselves struggling to attract talented candidates to their business.

When looking for jobs and researching companies, candidates no longer head straight to the job boards. The majority are now using a huge range of social online tools to not only discover vacancies but to find out what it is really like to work for a particular company and gain a handle on what that company’s values are. Here at Superlative Recruitment, we’ve recognised a growing trend of candidates wanting to get under the skin of companies before they enter into an application process. Therefore, to help your business maintain a high calibre of talent we’ve offered our advice on how to create a strong employer brand.

What’s your draw?

Why do people choose to work for you? Too often businesses try and answer these questions themselves by making clumsy and often clichéd assumptions; however we believe that in order to really get to the bottom of what makes your business attractive you need to ask your existing employees. An employer brand is about a company’s reputation as a place of work and collecting real employee testimonials will instantly help you to understand what it is you should be promoting about your business. with more people now using social media than ever before, it’s also a good idea to encourage your existing employees to act as ambassadors for the business across these platforms, as sharing their own stories and experiences an greatly influence a prospective candidates decision to apply for a vacant role.


The culture of your company is incredibly important to prospective candidates, after all, no one wants to work in an environment where they feel as though they don’t fit in. company culture is the mix of behaviours and perspectives that influence how a company operates and the values they uphold. By accurately portraying your company culture you will not only attract candidates who share your way of thinking, but these candidates are more likely to stay loyal to your company and require less guidance should they be offered a role.


Too many businesses forget that it’s not only candidates that need to make a good impression throughout the application and interview process. Failing to respond to unsuccessful candidates, a lack of feedback and keeping interviewees waiting can all cause huge frustration much of which candidates vent online. To keep your employer brand strong, make an effort to provide a positive candidate experience regardless of whether you feel the candidate is right for a position or not.