With the economy stabilising more and more businesses are looking to expand and to do so are investing extra effort in their recruitment capabilities, Great News Right? Well, not necessarily. Candidates now have more businesses to choose from than ever before, which means that competition is tough for businesses when it comes to attracting talent to their companies. Add to this that many businesses are looking for the same kind of candidate and the current jobs market can pose many challenges for businesses looking to achieve company growth. Here at Superlative Recruitment we believe that in order to maintain their recruitment capabilities businesses must break out of the parameters they set themselves and approach recruitment with a new perspective. For a while now many businesses have only considered candidates who they believe have the right qualifications, whilst others focus purely on industry experience. We believe that there are pros and cons of both approaches and hope that by evaluating them both, businesses will be able to approach recruitment in a new way and escape the restrictions that many recruitment processes currently create.


Further education, whether through university or industry specific training programmes can help develop and enhance a wealth of important skills. As well as being a strong character building experience, further education displays a thirst for knowledge and dedication and helps individuals to build up resilience to the challenges they are faced with. University education especially allows individuals to approach problems with a more creative mind-set which, in today’s highly saturated markets can be an incredibly desirable trait. However by focusing purely on qualifications businesses are not assessing how well an individual will fit into the business environment. Qualifications do not accurately address how a person interacts with others, or their ability to work within a team. Although they may convey a creative side, qualifications cannot predict how confident and comfortable an individual will be at coming forward and sharing their ideas.


Experience within the workplace can mean many things to a business, for one the business will have to invest less time and effort in training and development. As well as this previous experience can far better represent how well a candidate can work with others and how confident they are when it comes to jumping in and getting involved. However, experience comes in many forms. A candidate may look good on paper, taking a series of internships and placements in order to build up their experience within a particular industry, but what does this translate to skills wise? In many cases these roles don’t often present opportunities in which to be fully creative and businesses must bear this in mind when weighing up candidates on experience alone.

At Superlative Recruitment we believe that there is much more to choosing a candidate than simply qualifications or experience. We believe candidates should be chosen according to their passion, values and ultimate career goals. By seeking out candidates who share their vision and goals businesses will be able to lay the foundations from which to build a strong and loyal team and steer their business towards positive growth in the future.