They say never judge a book by its cover, but in reality when it comes to recruiting that is exactly what the majority of candidates are doing. Candidates will naturally make a snap decision on whether to apply for your position based solely on the content of your advert, therefore in today’s competitive marketplace it pays to make your advert stand out. Below, we’ve shared some of top tips on how to write an eye-catching and engaging job advert.

The Title

This is obviously the first thing a potential candidate will see, so it’s vital that you get this right in order to not only gain interest, but to appeal to the right audience. The key thing to remember here is to keep the title clear and straight to the point. A confusing title which skirts around what the role actually entails is likely to deter rather than intrigue. Saying this, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun with the title of your advert, especially if you are appealing for a certain type of candidate. Using buzzwords can help people with the right personality and outlook sit up and take notice, whilst a catchy or clever title will attract more creative types.

The Body

This is where you go into more detail about the position and the kind of people you are looking for. Whilst the majority of candidates may after reading the body of an advert head to the company website for more information, it’s important to explain the role in question in as much detail as possible here to reduce the number of unsuitable applicants. People need to know what they will be getting into if they apply, and outlining daily tasks clearly will ensure that all candidates are willing and passionate about every aspect of the role.


This is another area where if done correctly, you can dramatically reduce the number of unsuitable applications you receive. When outlining the criteria candidates must meet to be considered for a position, make sure the information is formatted correctly. Bullet points or lists are ideal, as they allow the candidate to go through each requirement one by one.

Contact Information

This is important because if unclear candidates are likely to contact the wrong department which is likely to cause frustration among both candidates and colleagues. Always name the individual dealing with recruitment in the advert as this will allow the most on the ball candidates to personalise their correspondence and will often make your company feel more approachable and caring. Only include a telephone number if you have the time and resources to answer queries about the position, otherwise you may risk damaging the reputation of your business should a candidate try and repeatedly fail to contact you. In most cases providing an email address is the most effective may of managing applications