Have you ever met a candidate and known instantly whether or not they would be a good fit for your company? Many seasoned recruiters and hiring managers believe that the majority of candidates fall into 7 personality types, and through years of experience are able to assess which type a person is from the first interview. This skill is highly valuable as it allows businesses to drastically cut staff turnover times by only hiring people they are confident will go the distance with in their organisation. By understanding these 7 candidate types, what makes them tick and their motivation, you too could benefit from a more effective hiring process. Take a look at our breakdown of the 7 candidate types below.

No matter what the industry, leaders are often the most sought after employee type. Candidate’s with leadership qualities provide scope for future development plans and provide security for businesses who may be looking to promote in the coming years. To identify a leader, it’s always important to look for evidence of adaptability, people who can still perform well when faced with the unexpected often make the best leaders as they are able to keep their cool and provide guidance to others. During the interview process, try dropping in an unexpected question that requires the candidate to think on their feet.
Whilst entrepreneur types offer less long term security, they are in increasing demand from businesses looking to stay relevant and boost their creativity. Entrepreneurs are attracted to companies that can offer the freedom to think big, and which share their core values and outlook.
Careerists are always striving to move up and are highly ambitious. This makes them great potential candidates for leadership and management roles. To attract a careerist, make sure your company is emphasizing any advancement opportunities, and be prepared to give real examples of time frames etc.
These are candidates who have extensive experience of other cultures and multiple language skills, and are incredibly valuable to global companies looking to build connections worldwide. If you’re not part of a global company, hiring these candidates can be tricky but laying out any potential networking and progression opportunities can help.
Hunters are commonly found in the sales industry and are experts at seeking out every possible opportunity. The downside of this is if opportunities are scarce, chances are they will either become bored or burn out. To attract hunters, be sure to outline any commission, bonuses or benefits from the outset.


Harmonizer’s are team players and do all they can to maintain harmony whilst working towards a shared goal. Harmonizers are a big boost to morale and productivity and are attracted to companies where they will be able to collaborate. To appeal to these candidates, make sure you are emphasizing your company culture and any team activities in your job posts.
Idealists want to know that their work matters and are usually keen to make a big impact. They are attracted to innovative companies; therefore businesses should make an effort to communicate their larger purpose to these candidates.