In past blogs we’ve talked about the importance of creating a strong employer brand to ensure candidates come flocking to your business. In recent years, candidates have held the most control in the jobs market, with a shortage in skills leading to many companies competing over the most talented candidates. With various options available to them it’s no surprise that candidates are doing a lot more homework when it comes to finding out which company is right for them. This means, as well as having a strong employer brand, companies need to also have an attractive company culture at their core and actively promote their culture throughout their recruitment process.

A great starting point in building a desirable company culture is to ask both current employees and prospective candidates what it is they really want out of a company. More often than not, candidates and employees desire a casual and relaxed working atmosphere, where they can be themselves and feel comfortable sharing ideas. However, despite this, in recent years a number of companies have been more focused on promoting how fun and ‘quirky’ their business is. Whilst there is no problem in doing this if your company is indeed quirky and off the wall, be warned! Thanks to social media and other online discussion platforms, such as employer review sight Glassdoor potential candidates will soon be able to see whether claims such as these have any substance and are an accurate representation of what it is really like to work for the company. There is no shame in admitting your business may not be as ‘fun’ as other organisations, you don’t have to be fun to have a winning company culture that’s attractive to future employees. The key is to be honest and instead, focus on other elements that make your business great, such as employee perks, flexible hours or a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

At Superlative Recruitment, we believe that company culture is an important recruitment tool and that businesses must be actively promoting themselves and their values if they are to attract a high calibre of candidates. Whilst companies such as Facebook and Google may have ‘fun’ as their key USP, we believe honesty and transparency to be far more important in recruiting. As long as your business has these two core elements in check you’re well on your way to creating a desirable company culture which should see an influx of interest in your vacant job roles.