It’s a problem that almost every business would have encountered at one time or another, what do you do when a candidate is clearly overqualified for the position they are applying for? Of course at first glance an over qualified candidate is not a bad prospect; they are likely to have a vast range of desirable skills which any business would be mad to turn down. However in the world of recruitment nothing is ever this cut and dry. Many businesses are reluctant to hire over qualified candidates as they are worried that they will soon grow bored and use the role in question as a stepping stone till something bigger and better comes along. To help you and your business understand the pros and cons of hiring over qualified candidates we at superlative recruitment have offered our advice.

The Good

With small business growth at a high many companies are having to increase their staff in order to keep up with market demand. Taking on over qualified staff allows businesses in this position continue to run at a high productivity level as over qualified candidates are able to work far more independently and efficiently without training and supervision.

Another bonus of hiring over qualified candidates is the increase in talent that businesses now have access to. The jobs market has become incredibly competitive meaning that many talented candidates are aiming lower on the career ladder in order to land a secure role. This means that more businesses than ever before have the opportunity to gain talented workers to their organisation and as long as they recognise and support their talents this could lead to long term assets to their teams.

The Bad

Over qualified candidates are often accused of using certain roles as stepping stones and are disinterested in remaining loyal to their employer. However we believe that businesses can overcome this issue, by offering talented and over qualified employees as many progression opportunities as they can, and making the effort to provide a varied and engaging workload.

The Ugly

The most serious issues that have been reported when hiring over qualified candidates are attitude issues and a poor work ethic. Performing the same job day in day out for an over qualified candidate can cause them to lose interest in the quality of work they are producing. This can then escalate to candidates thinking that the role is beneath them which can upset workplace harmony and damage internal relationships within a business. At Superlative Recruitment we think it’s important for business owners to thoroughly engage with over qualified candidates during the interview process so that they can gauge their loyalty, commitment and drive before introducing them to their businesses.

So there you have it. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to assessing over qualified candidates the key is to listen to your gut and take each candidate as an individual and recognise their own unique set of values and goals as this will help you determine whether they are the right fit for your business. It’s also important to remember to challenge your staff, and offer them as many opportunities as possible as this will help build stronger relationships and boost your businesses staff retention.