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Every business has a responsibility to make their recruitment process a positive experience as possible for candidates. However, for whatever reason a number of companies are falling short of candidate expectation and as a result are struggling to maintain a healthy candidate pipeline. At Superlative Recruitment we want every business to be on top of their game when it comes to recruiting, which is why we have shared our top 4 tips on how to rock at recruitment.

Always Provide Feedback to Candidates

A lack of feedback is the number one candidate complaint. Put yourself in the candidates’ shoes, being turned down for a position is hard enough, but when no one is willing to offer you an insight into where you are going wrong, the experience can leave you feeling pretty despondent. Giving negative feedback is never easy, however candidates will thank you for it in the long run and respect your business for giving them guidance.

Be Truthful

There are a couple of standout fibs which many companies are guilty of using on a regular basis. Claims such as ‘We’ll keep you in mind for future opportunities’ or ‘you’ll hear from us either way’ may in theory, soften the blow when a candidate is unsuccessful, but in truth they often cause confusion and false hope. Be straight with your candidates at all times, if they aren’t right for a position tell them, don’t string them along, or worse – keep them on file as a plan B when plan A doesn’t work out.

Return Calls

A positive recruitment process relies on building relationships with candidates, which means keeping all lines of communication open. Returning calls is key to this, never assume candidates will ‘call back’ if something is important. The jobs market is particularly affluent at the moment and you could lose out on some great candidates by forgetting to return a call.

Know Your Niche

If you have a niche, own it! Make this your selling point when advertising and communicating with candidates.