Did you know that a negative candidate experience can have a knock on effect on the success of your business?

In the recent 2015 Candidate Behaviour Study by Careerbuilder it was revealed that a shocking 58% of candidates would refuse to buy from a company to which they have previously applied if they had a bad experience during the application process. For businesses with a high employee turnover, or that are experiencing fast growth this can be an incredibly sobering thought. With the study finding that 82% of businesses don’t consider candidate experience to have much of an impact on their overall success, here at Superlative Recruitment we are urging businesses to get their heads out of the sand and review their application process from the candidates’ perspective, before it’s too late.

As well as holding on to customers, improving the candidate experience carries many benefits. Not only does it build a positive reputation among both candidates and consumers, it can also save business money. Perhaps one of the most surprising findings from the 2015 Candidate Behaviour Study was that 3 in 4 candidates would willingly accept a salary offer 5 percent lower than they expected if an employer created a positive impression during the recruitment process.

With all this in mind, we want to help businesses brush up their application process and have reviewed three of the most common candidate experience issues, and revealed how to fix them.

  • You Don’t Follow Up.

This is one of the biggest sins in recruitment and it’s surprising just how many businesses are guilty of failing to follow up with candidates. In reality, it is often incredibly difficult and time consuming to follow up with every candidate, however with 84% of candidates expecting at least an email response this puts businesses in a difficult situation. Using a platform in which automated responses can be sent out directing candidates to a Facebook page or LinkedIn community can help to better relations and keep candidates connected.

  • You Have an Overly Complicated Application Process

Some of the biggest complaints from candidates are that the application process is too long, confusing or lacks personalisation. The easiest way to remedy this is for recruiters to try applying for a job with their own company, and experience the process first hand. Another great tip is to apply for a role with a competitor to see how their process compares.

  • You’re Not Visible

According to CareerBuilder, the average candidate uses up to 18 resources when searching for jobs, ranging from job boards and social media to online referrals. Many businesses are failing to not only make the most of these varied platforms, they are also failing to assess where the majority of their target audience is coming from and are therefore not visible to their ideal candidates. Using tracking technologies can help businesses identify where candidates are coming from and learn where they should be investing the majority of their recruitment budget.