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The Superlative Recruitment Guide: How to Make Your Advert Stand Out

They say never judge a book by its cover, but in reality when it comes to recruiting that is exactly what the majority of candidates are doing. Candidates will naturally make a snap decision on whether to apply for your position based solely on the content of your advert, therefore in today’s competitive marketplace it pays to make your advert stand out. Below, we’ve shared some of top tips on how to write an eye-catching and engaging job advert.

The Superlative Recruitment guide: Should You Be Using ‘Curve Ball’ Interview Questions?

For the most part, the foundations of the interview process have remained unchanged over the years. Candidates are invited to meet with upper level representatives of a company and given the opportunity to discuss their skills, qualifications and experience. However, whilst this is an effective way of determining whether a candidate is capable, this classic paint by numbers approach to interviewing is starting to feel outdated to many younger, fresher companies as it gives very little opportunity for an interviewer to really get to know the person they are interviewing.

The Superlative Recruitment Guide: Are You Struggling to Fill Vacancies?

With the number of candidates currently far outweighing the number of vacant positions on the jobs market, you’d be forgiven for assuming that attracting candidates is plain sailing for the vast majority businesses. However, with a fresh batch of graduates due to hit the jobs market it’s important for businesses to understand that candidates are highly selective about the roles they apply for, with many looking for much more than a regular 9 to 5.

The Superlative Recruitment Guide: How Can You Tell if a Candidate Is Bad News?

Recruitment is a tough process, not just on you and your team, but also on the candidates applying for your vacant positions. The pressure they are under to sell themselves to your business is immense and should they get to the interview stage the stress and nerves are only likely to increase. This is why when it comes to understanding each candidate, we usually urge businesses to give them the benefit of the doubt and recognise that for many people, even if they look perfect on paper the recruitment process is an unnatural experience and that this can often affect their performance in interview.

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The Superlative Recruitment Guide: Do You Have a Strong Employer Brand?

As a business owner, you’ve probably invest a lot of time, energy and passion into creating a brand which resonates with your target consumers. Meaningful, effective branding is more important than ever right now, with the economy stabilising and the market becoming oversaturated for many businesses, branding is the secret weapon in the quest for customer attention. However as well as developing a strong brand for consumers businesses must also focus their attention on creating an attractive employer brand or they may find themselves struggling to attract talented candidates to their business.
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Superlative Recruitment Guide: The Biggest Job Advert Turn offs

Your job advert is your first chance to make a good impression on potential candidates; therefore for maximum results it’s important to get it right! There is a lot more to writing and enticing an engaging advert than many people think, and with the jobs market getting increasingly competitive it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your advert stands out for all the right reasons.