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Superlative Recruitment Ltd is an innovative recruitment company specialising in four areas of the recruitment pipeline: Sourcing, Screening, Scheduling and Selecting. We help our clients effectively advertise roles, access candidate databases, screen and shortlist applicants, schedule and conduct interviews, and with the on-boarding process.

Our mission is to provide the best experience possible for both employers and job seekers through better, more effective communication. Our success over the past decade is directly related to the relationships we build and nurture.

We’re motivated by freedom and proud to consist entirely of a self-employed remote workforce stretching across the UK & US.

We’re different from our competition because there is no other recruitment company that offers the range or combination of products and services that we offer! Plus, rather than playing match-maker between clients and candidates for a percentage of the salary, we launch active campaigns for all clients to reach fresh, relevant talent!

Working with us, over 300 SMEs in more than 100 different cities in 12 countries on 4 continents have been able to grow their teams faster and cheaper than they would have on their own or via traditional recruitment agency methods!

Get to know our amazing team below, so you know who to contact with any questions you may have. Contacting the right person saves you time and ensures you get the resolution you need in the most efficient manner.