Our History- From Concept to Clients!

Superlative Recruitment was established in 2008 when an American with a passion for copywriting began to change the way the UK recruits one city and one company at a time The concept is simple, but revolutionary because it’s so commonly overlooked. The day Kristen launched her new advertising service, she had ten clients sign up. Within six months she’d doubled in size and brought on her first contractor.
Over the next two years Superlative grew as their client portfolio grew, and this brought their recruitment advertising services across England and into Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy! In 2011 Superlative launched a screening and scheduling service, providing additional value to their ever-growing portfolio of clients.
Rounding off their first five years, Superlative expanded their services into Poland in 2013, and then decided to incorporate in 2014 to assume media-buying responsibilities on behalf of their clients. This enhanced their reputation with national and international job boards and in 2015 Superlative expanded into the USA and Canada when several of their UK clients expanded to North America.
In 2017, Superlative recorded a record year for revenue and profits and in 2018, they won their first Nationally Recognized award from the Federation of Small Businesses. Since then, Superlative have received over 2 dozen additional award nominations and Kristen has become a volunteer working alongside the FSB to help unite businesses and local authorities across South London.